CAMPAIGN | Integrated Design Thinking

01 — Project details

Our aim was to gain new pipeline and accelerate existing pipeline in the Credit Union space. We knew we needed to build awareness, trust, and thought leadership.

Market Condition: The Credit Union market segment is being mandated onto the Forge (Central One) online website hosting platform and Aequilibrium is positioned to be one of the few Professional Services & Forge Partner agencies in Canada to support the transition.

We needed to build more awareness and trust in the Market that AEQ could be the partner of choice to support the transition.

02 — Creative process

Build an integrated and targeted campaign promoting a series of Design Thinking Workshops to demonstrate credibility and trust to Marketers in the Credit Union space during COVID.

  1. Identify target prospects. We identified the top 100 credit unions we wanted to connect with and then scored them based on several factors.

  2. Hire respected industry influencer. We hired a well known and respected industry influencer to host a "Design Thinking Workshop" based on the Stanford Design Thinking methodology.

  3. Conduct targeted campaign with polling to drive workshop signups during COVID. We started with a 10 day LinkedIn polling campaign hosted by Martin that would drop questions, followed the next day with the answers dropped in the AEQ channel.

  4. Identify possible workshop attendees from the polling results, message and email personal invites to the design thinking workshop.

  5. Send out workshop materials. The black box campaign generated a lot of buzz in the industry. Custom wooden keepsake boxes were created

  6. Collect and socialize unboxing videos to generate excitement for the following workshops.

  7. Conduct the workshop. 16 participants including 2 existing prospects in the pipeline attended the workshop.

  8. Gather and socialize testimonials. Participants freely shared testimonials which we used in Organic LinkedIn posts for the next workshop.

We were impressed by how quickly Aequilibrium was able to demonstrate their expertise in design and knowledge of our industry.

— Credit Union Participant, Design Thinking Workshop


attendance for the VIP invitees to the workshop

1:50 ROI

The costs of the program were recouped by significant new closed/won opportunity plus accelerated closing of 2 existing deals.

New Pipeline

Several new Credit Union accounts were added to the pipeline resulting in 3 net new closed.

100% Positive Feedback

Followup surveys captured 100% positive feedback, with all participants reporting they would refer colleagues in the future.