CAMPAIGN | Integrated Digital - Labour Shortage

01 — Project details

Our aim was to drive demand and build awareness by addressing a primary need in the restaurant and hospitality market to improve customer experience and reduce wait times.

02 — Creative process

My philosophy was to address the visitor by describing their pain points and showcasing how Ready is a great solution for them.

Audience: Mid-Market Restaurant chain (5 - 15 locations), Owner Operators, Operations, FOH Managers

Channels: Omni-Channel integrated approach with LinkedIn Organic & Paid Ads, FB/Ins, TikTok, Webinar, Email, Landing Page

Content: Video, Reels, White paper, Infographic, Brochure, Webinar deck, Content Creators

Organic social posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram drove traffic to the gated content.

Content Creator earlypete

was engaged to deliver content building awareness and driving traffic to the Ready landing page.

3:40 ROI and <$3 CPC

Significant ROI and good CPC rates


increase in visitors lifting from avg 4k/mo to avg 13K/mo during campaign activation


Boost in conversion rates

60 Webinar Attendees

resulting in 5 SQLs

5 net new deals

Increase in revenue