STRATEGY | Marketing Planning

Marketing plans that make the difference between meh and aMAZing. Aligning business goals to marketing strategies that move the needle.

Full-funnel omni-channel strategic plans, visionary leadership, go-to-market strategies for a range of digital solutions, B2B and B2C technology spaces, plus many more.

Yearly, quarterly and monthly reporting.

Data the future.

My philosophy includes using data insights to capture performance, experimentation, and creative flows to do more of what works.

More than ROAs, CPMs, LTV, CAC, CRs, CPC's, performance is about understanding what isn't working just as much as what is. A delicate dance of data, market trends, and value with a healthy dash of creativity.

5X SQL Pipeline Growth

1400% percent increase leads, plus significant revenue growth at Ready.

2X Company Growth

through effective demand generation campaigns, one of which had a remarkable 1:50 ROI.

59% increase in CAGR

More than doubling the size of the company in 2 years and more than a 300% increase in high-intent leads.