STRATEGY | Sales Planning Forecast

01 — Project Goal

Work with the sales, partner, and account teams to create a detailed and trackable Sales Plan with clear revenue targets and goals that rolled up to the company's revenue targets for year 2022.

The plan also needed to include Marketing tactics for the year.

02 — Process

Gather information required to build an achievable plan, and then build the plan.

  • Step 1: Met with senior leadership and business units including sales, product, and account teams to determine the business goals and revenue targets for the year.

  • Step 2: I created a planning template for the revenue teams to breakdown activity by projected SQLs/opportunity, and then measure these against the revenue goals for the year.

  • Step 3: After each member completed their plans for the year, the summary enabled leadership to identify how close we were to the goals and adjust the plan as required.

  • Step 4: Each member tracked their activity against the plan for the year.

Sales plan summary page. Includes yearly sales targets for each sales person by team and product.

The sales plan enabled the team to set goals for the year and track their progress against the goals. Marketing activity was included in the plan and enabled the revenue team to align on all objectives.